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A group of growth


Gindula Group is formed by 4 strategic companies ( Gindula, ESIBES, iPrint and iSpace) that complement our global offer. 

However, it is our partners who make this universe even more interesting. We proudly affirm that more than 10 international partner companies operate around Gindula.

We believe that this is undoubtedly one of the great reasons that makes us grow and makes our work more attractive.


A very good impression.


In the market since 2013, iPrint presents a solid growth and affirmation path. Through a policy of continuous investment in resources and equipment, iPrint continued to progress, year after year, improving the supply of available products and services, reducing production times and costs, thus increasing product responsiveness and competitiveness and services.

It acts in a dynamic and innovative way, with social and environmental responsibility,in the graphic production sector in the Angolan market, providing our customers with products, services and competitive solutions of high quality.
It values the relationship with employees, suppliers and customers, as well as contributes to the country's development.
It is among the main players in the market and is a reference of excellence in products and graphic services.



work Delivered successfully


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Creating more spaces, to create more.


iSpace is a company in the field of digital outdoor advertising and indoor, based on True-i Digital LED technology associated with the creation and animation and management of dynamic content for the panels. With solutions that stand out for the strong component of quality, versatility and consulting, carried out by a team of specialists in LED digital equipment, in media and in motion design. 

They marketing Digital LED products, new advertising formats with high standards in technology and innovation for our customers. Always maintaining the quality and versatility in their products.

iSpace main goal is dynamize the world through Digital Communication.


Digital Grow in Angola


Imagining the unimaginable.


ESIBES is an Angolan company that believes in a force that can turn projects into reality and boost the development of society in an even better place to live. ESIBES believe in the strength of transformation

They work to generate value for customers, shareholders, teams and society, acting in the transformation and real estate industries in a sustainable way.


We are always looking for the best of the best partners.

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